Cancer Care

Whole-body approach. Integrative model. Supporting quality of life.

Dr. Moore works with patients to reduce side effects from their conventional care plan to both support quality of life and decrease treatment interruptions due to side effects. Beyond managing side effects and supporting quality of life, focus of care may include how cancer has manifested in a patient’s life and what can be done to shift the body away from a cancer process and aid in the fight against cancer.

  • Taking the overwhelm out of a new diagnosis

  • Reducing conventional therapy side effects

  • Personalized nutrition

  • Immune support

  • Metabolic support (weight loss or gain).

  • Sleep and stress management

  • Maximizing health after cancer treatment

  • Recurrence risk reduction

The compatibility between natural therapies, conventional treatment, personal medications, health issues and past medical history is taken into account. The result is a safe and individualized treatment plan that is both evidence-guided and addresses the unique goals of each patient.

Depending on your individual medical needs, personal health goals and comfort level, treatments may include: nutrition, lifestyle, environmental medicine, botanical medicine, injection or IV therapy, acupuncture, cold laser therapy or other approaches.

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Dr. Jessica Moore, ND - Vancouver, BC

Benefits of naturopathic medicine in cancer care:

  • Monitor for any potential drug-herb-food interactions, helping to ensure that patients do not begin any anything that may interact with therapy

  • Decrease risk of side effects so that patients can receive their full course of therapy on time

  • Provide evidence-guided natural recommendations that are synergistic with the prescribed therapy

  • Support performance and nutritional status during treatment

  • Wellness support post-treatment to reduce risk of cancer recurrence and restore normal health

Are you worried about feeling sick, nauseated, or exhausted during treatment?

Unsure of which vitamins/minerals/natural medicines can be used safely used with chemo or radiation?

  • Let’s get your care plan together so that you can be supported through your treatments using safe natural medicines that won’t interfere with your treatments.
  • Once you are finished with therapy, we can talk about how to restore and maintain a state of health and recurrence risk reduction practices.